Movies Time App New Version 2020
Want nonstop HD movies and TV shows FREE? Learn all about Movies Time, download it and install. Better yet, check out its top alternative, Cinehub.

At the cusp of the 21st century, came the killer combination of smartphones and the internet. Movies were being watched by people on all kinds of screens all over the world. But, there was a catch. Netflix and its peers required you to pay for their services. That was until a coder from Hong Kong called Peter Chan, aka NitroXenon, introduced Terrarium TV, revolutionizing the way the world watched movies forever. The app scraped the net for content streamed on any possible channel, and brought it onto Android screens. For free!

Two years later, in 2018, Peter suddenly retracted the app, shocking the world into boredom. The free HD movie streaming space was left empty. But, not for long. A plethora of clones was launched, which did the same thing as Terrarium TV. Over time, many of them diversified and targeted niche segments and specific audiences. One perfect example is Movies Time.


What Is Movies Time App? 

Movies Time is an HD movie and TV show app that delivers a whole host of entertainment. It has a lot of content aimed at the Indian subcontinent in general, and India and Pakistan in particular. This streaming app gives you thousands of movies, TV shows, web series, and live shows. It is free. What’s more, it does not have any ads.

You can watch all the latest Bollywood movies, in HD quality. Besides, you also get to access regional content like Punjabi, Tollywood, and more. Additionally, you get a wide variety of Hollywood movies. Even the web series list is quite comprehensive, covering the likes of Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Besides, there also are hundreds of TV channels, ranging from entertainment to news. You can even download movies to watch later. Another feature is that the Movies Time APK delivers both online and offline subtitles.


How To Download And Install The Movies Time App on Andriod

You can download the latest version of Movies Time here. This version is APK 10.6.1, with a January 2020 release. It requires an Android version above 4.1 To install, you need first to allow the installation of files from unknown sources, as it is not sourced from the Google Play store. To do this, you need to go to Settings on your Android device and click on Security. Then, you need to turn ‘Unknown Sources’ on. Now you can run the file, and your app is now ready to entertain you.


How To Install Movies Times APK 2020 On your PC

If you want to watch HD video content on your PC, a 3rd party emulator id required. Bluestacks is a good option. You can download it here. Once the simple installation is complete, you need to signin with your Google account. Then load the Movies Time APK 2020 into the emulator, and install. After the installation sequence is complete, close, and restart Bluestacks. Now you’re ready to ready to watch movies, web series, TV shows and more to your heart’s content.


Here’s The Best Alternative To Movies Time – Cinehub

While Movies Time is an effective HD movie and TV shows streaming app, it does have its drawbacks. One is that you cannot reduce the resolution to save on data. You have to watch it at the resolution of the source. This lack of flexibility in viewing can be a deal-breaker in places with poor internet speeds, or when you’re running low on data. Another problem faced is that there are network connectivity issues at times, which is why Cinehub is the top Movies Time alternative for you. On the one hand, it does not suffer from the drawbacks mentioned above. On the other hand, it comes with added advantages that can make it the one-stop entertainment app.

Why Cinehub ?

Cinehub is a streaming app that offers HD movies and TV shows for free. It works on all Andriod devices, and even supports Google Chromecast. What’s more, there are web series and Live TV shows from which to choose. Even internet channels like YouTube and Twitch are part of its offering. Take a look at the app’s top advantages below.

  • Vast Content LibraryWelcome to HD streaming nirvana. That’s because you get a whopping 350,000 options from which to choose. This massive collection covers 90,000+ movies and 67,000+ TV shows.

  • Fast Rising PopularityCinehub APK is an app on the move. It’s been downloaded 120,000 times in a short period, and the quality, ease of use, and speed mean it’s only going to get more popular.

  • A Free And Seamless User Experience: No signup is needed. There’s no learning curve required either. To top it, the UI is top-notch. What’s more, the Cinehub APK is free.

  • 100% Speed. 0% AdsThe high speed implies no buffering. Plus, there are no ads. So, you get uninterrupted entertainment that keeps you coming back for more.

  • Entertainment Delivered Via Multiple ServersCinehub’s technologically advanced crawler covers the internet so comprehensively that nearly all videos come with at least two streaming options. This flexibility means you are spoilt for choices and can switch streams if one is not working correctly for you.

  • Download To View OfflineYou can download your favorite shows to watch at your convenience when offline.

  • Catch It On Your Big Screen TVYou can watch movies and TV shows on your TV screen too. Just use Screen Mirror in conjunction with AndroidTV or Google Chromecast.

  • Subtitle Support: The APK supports external subtitles. As of now, English and Spanish subtitles come inbuilt, with more in the future.

  • Updates Twice A DayTwo daily updates mean that the latest movies and shows are at your fingertips instantly.



Streaming apps delivering HD movie and TV shows onto your devices make your life so much more fun. You can keep up with the latest entertainment options with having to shell out a single cent. But, there are hidden dangers like malware and viruses too. Each app has its quirks, but we’ve just discussed the two most rounded ones out there. It’s best to go for proven options, and Movies time is a good one. But Cinehub APK is even better. So if you wish to watch your favorite stars in action, anytime, anywhere, click here. You’ll then be transported to the next level in online entertainment.