Cinema HD – A brilliant FreeMium version of MovieBox HD Pro

Billions of people worldwide watch movies and TV shows via their mobile devices, 24/7/365. It happens all over the world, and it's one of the biggest trends to hit the entertainment industry since the internet was invented.  

In today's exciting entertainment landscape the Cinema HD APK is an excellent way to watch content on an Android device for free, while you're on the move. Have you used it yet? Here's some insight into one of the world's best-loved movie and TV apps, plus an introduction to a Cinema HD APK alternative that you might enjoy even more. 


What is Cinema HD APK?

Watching movies and TV shows is one of the world's best-loved pastimes. Human beings have always adored storytelling. Our love of stories dates back to pre-history, when we'd sit around camp fires and tell tall tales. When we watch TV today, or go to the movies, we're tapping into an ancient way of communication that helped tribes of humans remember their own history, explain the world around them and make sense of their lives. Today we use mobile electronic devices to consume modern stories, and the Cinema HD APK is an enormously popular way to do it.  

The rise of streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu mean there are more movies and TV shows than ever before on the market, and we can watch them all on our smartphones. The problem is, most of the streaming apps available cost money, usually a monthly subscription. If you don’t want to pay to watch the content you love, Cinema APK is an excellent alternative, and it's free. You can watch your favourite films and TV shows anytime, anywhere, and it will cost you nothing.  

Cable subscriptions are all very well, but you end up with masses of channels you never watch. Most people only ever consume around twenty five percent of the available channels (source:, which means you waste money in the long run. You can't choose which shows the channels will show. Nor do you necessarily want to sit in front of the TV all day – you'd rather watch when you want, wherever you want, even when you're one the move. No wonder streaming services are so popular. 

Cinema APK gets rid of all the problems, a revolutionary app offering totally unlimited streaming on demand. You can browse literally thousands of international shows and films, and the app's dedicated team is constantly adding more, which means you get all the best, most recent content as well as access to loads of old favourites. It's all in wonderfully clear, easy-to watch high resolution. And the app comes with an awesome range of exciting added extras. 

No more expensive cinemas, no more crazy streaming fees, no more Netflix or Hulu. There's no delay while you wait for the latest shows to be added to a cable network. The app has the same benefits as Netflix and  Amazon Video Prime. Plus there are lots of cool extras like movie posters, trailers, release dates and even ratings, all designed to improve the user experience.  



What are the benefits of Cinema HD APK?

•    A beautifully simple interface, minimalist and lightweight for an excellent user experience 
•    No adverts to annoy you 
•    Super-simple title browsing and trailer watching 
•    Low storage space usage, which means your device doesn't get cluttered 
•    There's no need to sign up – you don't have to provide your name, email address, street address or any sensitive data 
•    Completely free to use 
•    If you can't find your favourite content in Cinema APK, you can simply request it within the app. There's no guarantee it'll be added. But there's a really good chance it will
•    High-definition viewing at up to 1080p resolution avoids annoying torrent downloads
•    Lets you save all your favourite content to watch later
•    The categories feature lets you browse more than 60 categories 
•    You can download movies and shows to watch offline, anywhere in the world 

How to download Cinema HD latest version

You can find the Cinema HD APK download on many websites, but it is never a good idea to download an app from an unofficial or scraped website. It might be corrupted with malware or be full of adverts, it might not be the official version or the latest version. You can download Cinema HD and its official APK file from the Cinema HD website itself without taking any of these risks. It's always up to date and always free from malware. 


Cinema HD not working : How to fix? 

If you're having problems with your Cinema HD APK download, it's often relatively easy to fix. All you need to do is either reinstall it, and hope that fixes your issues, or try a really good Cinema HD alternative. Can we recommend an alternative? Yes, we can, and it's our very own app. We think it's brilliant. 


Introducing the APK, our very own movies APK

People love our Cinehub Android movies app, the best Android movies app for mobile devices. When Terrarium TV shut down, Cinehub Android APK filled the gap. 

Cinehub is the only movie APK app that's absolutely 100% free. You don't need to sign up, register, or hand over any data, sensitive or otherwise. You can start watching your best-loved movies and shows the moment the app downloads to your device. It's remarkably simple to use – just find your favourite show and hit 'play'. The app lets you access a vast choice of content, more than 350,000 films and series, and also contains lots of exciting content from popular platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and various live TV channels. 

•    Screen Mirror to TV easily via Chromecast and AndroidTV
•    Multi-language subtitles – most content has English and Spanish subtitles, more languages are being added 
•    Our multiple servers option means our crawler crawls every streaming link on the net, which means all video content has at least two streaming sources 
•    We upload new content twice every day 

The most exciting thing of all? This app doesn't host any of the content on its server, but grabs it from streaming sources instead. It doesn't use Torrent for streaming, and it never will. And that makes it your very best one-stop-shop for dazzlingly good on-device entertainment. 


How do I download the Cinehub .to APK app?

As we mentioned earlier, it is wise to use the official Cinehub website fro your download, rather than an unofficial or scraped website. Once you're there, click the download button. 

Next, navigate to your Android device's settings screen and tap the Security Option. Use the search facility to find 'Unknown Sources', then enable the 'unknown sources'. Doing this allows your device to accept third party applications like our Cinehub app and install them on your device.  

Tap the downloaded Cinehub APK to start installation. Once the install is complete, all you need to do is tap the Cinehub icon on your device and there you are – you can begin streaming. It's fantastic, and it has all the functionality you could ever want or need at your fingertips. If you're looking for the best free movie APK available, why not make Cinehub your one-stop solution?