Download the Cinehub software on our website.

Visit the https://cinehub.com/download/ and download the latest version for windows

Skip the warning from Windows Defender

You may receive a warning from Windows Defender saying that the file may contain malware. It's because Windows Defender is really strict on Software that is not distributed by high reputation companies. You can just scan the file with any Anti-virus program to make sure it's clean and safe to install. Please process with the installation and skip the warning from Windows Defender.

Setting your PC (option)

In order for the Cinehub program to run smoothly on other servers than the Torrent server, please follow these steps belows:

  • Open Windows Defender (Start Search for "Windows Defender")
  • Open History Tab on Windows Defender Stick on "All Detected items" View Details Stick on the item as on this screenshot

Well done!

Now you can enjoy the movies and shows on all the servers with Cinehub.

Can't install soft on your pc? Click here.