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CineHub - Watch Free Movies and TV Shows instantly
Stream all Torrent Movies and Shows instantly
The only Media Streaming source for all your needs - LEGALLY !

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What is cinehub?

CineHub is a one-stop hub for video content aggregation. Discover, organize and watch video from all kind of sources on any device that you own.

Movies, TV shows, series, live television or web channels like YouTube and Twitch.tv - you can find all this on CineHub.

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No more Netflix

CineHub comes with bigger Database with over .... movies and ... series.

Subtitle optimization

Instead of using our subtitles, You can upload your own subtitle file in any language and set up your favorite font, color, background color for it as you wish.

Multiple servers option

There's not only Torrent server, but we also have other server choices which we collect from the other sites/services.

It's Free

CineHub is totally free, you can even stream without having an account, there's no hidden fee or ads in any kind.

No Limit/ No Restriction

All movies and Series can be streamed anytime, from anywhere, what you need is a good internet connection only.

That's all, let's enjoy your favorite movies and Series with your friends NOW !

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Just take care of the CineHub & leave the rest to us.
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