How To Download Cyberflix TV APK For Android And The Best Cyberflix Alternative
Stream HD movies and TV shows FREE! Learn about Cyberflix TV, with download tips for Andriod + Firestick. Bonus Cinehub info, the top alternative.

Movies and shows on TV have moved on from large screens to handheld devices, the ways and means of accessing content have undergone a sea change. First, there were streaming services like YouTube, where the content creators uploaded videos for the world to see. Then came paid streaming services like NetFlix, which offered select movies and shows to light up your screen time. Finally, came the game-changer – free streaming. Such services involve an app that scrapes the Net for streaming movies and popular TV shows. It then plays the content directly from where the file is hosted.

The most popular service among these was Terrarium TV. Created by a lone wolf developer based in Hong Kong, the user base was hundreds of thousands at the peak of its popularity. While the precise number of users is not available, the Facebook page alone had 200,000+ likes when it was abruptly taken off the Net. Such was its role in popular culture that even today, multiple websites offer the ‘latest’ version of the app. This popularity is despite the official website stating that version 9.9.8 was the last two years ago and that 9.9.9 does not exist. As you’d expect, the chances of the many versions 9.9.10 available being packed with malware are incredibly high.


Enter Cyberflix

The sudden demise of Terrarium TV left the free video streaming community is a state of despair. Into this void stepped a whole bunch of clones. Among these, the one that stood out was Cyberflix TV. With a similar slick interface and user-friendly features, it seemed just like the original. And like the original, it offers way more streaming content than the likes of Netflix do.

The Cyberflix APK allows you to watch and download TV shows and movies in HD, ranging from 360p to 720p, or even up to 4k. You can view online HD video content on phones, computers, and even TV screens. To top it all, the massive video library covers a lot of genres, from horror to documentaries.

 Download the app for free.


Now Available - Cyberflix APK 3.3.0

The latest rendering of the Cyberflix APK - version 3.3.0 - was released in July 2020. According to the developers, it’s a ‘complete rework of the app.’ To download Cyberflix 3.3.0 APK, you can visit and get started. Incidentally, do not worry about fresh updates – the app notifies you when one is due.


How To Download And Install Cyberflix On Your Android Phone

To watch movies and TV content for free on your Android device, you need to first download the Cyberflix TV APK 3.3.0 for Android. Next, tap on the Settings icon, and hit the Security option. Now, you need to turn on ‘Unknown sources,’ which effectively allows the app to be installed despite it not being sourced from Google Play. The installation process can now be started, and you’re ready to be entertained by the app.


How To Download And Install Cyberflix On Your Amazon Firestick

To install Cyberflix TV on your Firestick, you need to go to Settings on your home screen. From the menu that appears, you then choose the device and further pick Developer Options. Now, turn ‘Apps from unknown sources’ on. Your Firestick is finally ready for Cyberflix. Go back to the home screen and type in ‘download’ after clicking on Search. You’ll now observe the Downloader app appearing, and you need to click on it. From the main screen, pick the URL option. Now, you need to enter the URL that links to the APK file, like Once the download is over, the installation process gets underway, and you’re all set to binge-watch your favorite shows.


Presenting The Best Alternative To Cyberflix – Cinehub

With the humongous number of people using Cyberflix, streaming, and download time can suffer. This issue is especially bad during peak hours. Also, each streaming app uses its unique algorithms to scrape as well as categorize the content. Therefore, the results of a search often differ between apps. That’s why it’s always good to have an alternative at hand. What’s more, there’s an alternative good enough to give Cyberflix a run for its money –Cinehub.

Why Cinehub

Cinehub is a movie and TV show streaming device that works on Android devices and Google Chromecast. Besides, this online movie app also offers content from platforms like Twitch, YouTube, as well as live TV. Below are some of its compelling features.

  • Massive Content Library

With more than 350,000 options to choose from, the app has more movies and shows than you could probably watch in a lifetime. This includes 90,000+ movies and 67,000+ TV shows.

  • Rising popularity

With 120,000 downloads and counting, Cinehub APK is clearly on the rise.

  • Free And User friendly 

This HD movie app is free to use, with no hidden charges. Further, it has a smart and user-friendly UI, with no sign up required.

  • High Speed And Ad Free

There’s no buffering. Better yet, there are no ads either.

  • Multiple Servers To Choose From

Cinehub’s state-of-the-art crawler constantly scans all streaming sites on the Net, so that any video you want to watch will have a minimum of 2 streaming sources from which to choose.

  • Offline Viewing

You can download your favorite shows to your device, to watch them even when offline.

  • Watch It On TV

Screen Mirror allows you to conveniently watch streaming content even on your TV, with the help of AndroidTV and Google Chromecast.

  • Subtitles supported

There is support for external subtitles. Further, the app currently offers English and Spanish subtitles, with more in the offing.

  • Twice Daily Updates

New movies and shows are updated twice a day so that you can catch your favorites before the crowd.



HD movie and TV apps are here to stay, keeping you entertained while at it. There’s a whole universe from which to choose. But as wide as the choices are, so are the risks. Many come with unwelcome malware. Others do not offer you the content you want or have to access multiple servers to view it. While Cyberflix has its proponents, Cinehub is the rising star. It’s the best alternative if you want to watch free HD content while on the move, or when celebrating life with friends and family. Just click here, download, and enjoy.